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Design on a Dime 2023 Annual Benefit


It was a treat to return and take part in this year’s Housing Works event. Knowing that the funds raised would benefit a deserving cause motivated me to set higher standards for myself.

The use of Fromental Wallpaper "Ponti '' for the vignette served as inspiration for this design. The asymmetrical travertine's dramatic composition contributes to the design's particularly exquisite and eye-catching appearance. A mixture of organic and modern furniture items were chosen to mirror current design trends, from boucle to sisal flooring and rounded sculptural decor, in order to compliment the color and textures of the wallpaper.

Without the assistance of my vendors, we would not have been able to raise more than $40k in donations. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all my participating donating brands.

Donating Brands:


Currey & Co



Babou NY


Saved NY

Mecox Gardens

Tucker Robbins

Anglo Raj Antiques

Diane James Floral

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