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Kingston Design Showhouse 2020 "Treehouse Modern"

I was ecstatic to be invited to participate in last year's Kingston Design Showhouse 2020 after working behind the scenes on different show houses helping designers fulfill their vision.

"Treehouse Modern" is the theme of my space. The mountain and lake views inspired this elegant organic modern sitting room and outdoor deck area. With a mix of natural and organic materials that echo the surrounding scenery, the petrified wood console table anchors the room.

The closet has been transformed into the ideal reading nook is the ideal place to unwind, relax, and curl up with your favorite book while escaping the elements. The incorporation of the home's architecture into the outdoor deck design framing the outdoor deck was my favorite component.

I partnered with some unique artisans and brands to bring this vision to life.

Check them out below and follow them on Instagram to explore more of their great work:

From The Source

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